A Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Level Two Inc. is a significant contributor to our community. From the smallest start-up to the largest corporation, we provide the space and opportunities for individuals to work, meet, network, and celebrate. It is imperative that we ensure a diverse, equitable, and inclusive space that reflects the good work done by all of our members and sponsor organizations.

Not only is diversity, equity, and inclusion the right thing to pursue and foster, it has been proven that it improves our ability to be great at our work. Building organizations that are diverse, equitable, and inclusive creates more functional and productive organizations.

In order to be successful in this realm, we recognize that effective initiatives go beyond just rhetoric and are founded in very practical considerations regarding how we do business. Without effective processes and practices, these initiatives will flounder which ultimately hinder our ability to increase our impact.

Therefore, we commit to the following practices to ensure that Level Two is a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace:

Planning & Policies

  • Our organization pledges to ensure that all of our policies, procedures, and practices are equitable, inclusive, and consistent with our statements and strategy.

  • Our organization pledges to have regular Board-level conversations around diversity, equity, and inclusion, and the organization’s successes and failures in this realm.

Programs & Services

  • Our organization pledges to ensure that diverse communities’ perspectives and needs are considered in the planning, development, implementation, delivery, and evaluation of programs and services.

  • Our organization pledges to accurately represent our diverse community on our website, in printed collateral, and elsewhere.

Organizational Culture & Human Resources

  • Our organization pledges to create an environment in which is it possible to have difficult conversations about these topics by sharing clear expectations and rules of engagement for such conversations.

  • Our organization pledges to ensure that all members and the community at-large are given equitable access to professional development opportunities.

  • Our organization pledges to ensure that a formal annual review takes place for each and every staff and leadership position; that a standardized rubric is used to evaluate performance, determining promotions and merit-based raises; and that this process results in a written report that is stored in the employee’s personnel file, along with a customized professional development plan based on the employee’s goals and aptitudes.